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Anchorians & Kick it Out

We're delighted that our partnership with Kick It Out is renewed for another season!

Since 1993, Kick It Out have been at the heart of the fight against discrimination in football, making huge progress on and off the pitch and leading the charge for positive change.

Here at Anchorians we are proud to stand by the Kick It Out strategy: continuing to lead the fight, supporting, challenging, educating, mobilising allies, and confronting all discriminative issues.

Our core ethos is that football is for everyone, and that everyone means everyone. We encourage our Players, Coaches, Volunteers and Parents to call out and report any instances of discrimination that they see or hear, and work hard to ensure that we can offer safe, inclusive spaces for our teams to enjoy.

Together we can change it.

You can report any discriminative behaviour directly to your team Manager or Coach, or alternatively you can reach out to a member of our Committee for advice.

Let's tackle it together!

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