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U18 Pumas Demelza Run

On Saturday the 18th December our U18 Pumas players and coaches proudly wearing their team shirts with the Demelza logo, braved a foggy murky morning to complete the 5k Great Lines Parkrun, to raise money for this incredible cause.

The team are so proud to have raised such a great total so far, and we hope there’s still more support to come. Donations can be made here

Bringing up children and raising a healthy, happy family is hard work at the best of times. When a child is born with or develops a terminal condition, the emotional and physical impact affects the whole family and can be overwhelming. At Demelza, we focus on supporting each child, young person and family we work with to achieve the best possible life. As specialists in care for young people and family support, we will continue to use our outstanding knowledge, experience and expertise to help families enjoy their lives together.

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