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Winners all Round!

The end of the season saw the arrival of our annual Presentation Evenings; a chance for players, parents and coaches to celebrate the hard work and dedication that's been put into the season, and this year saw our biggest nights yet!

Split over three nights throughout May and June, we were delighted to be able to bring everyone together for the first time since the Pandemic began to join in the disco, raffles, photo ops and, of course, the BBQ!

A highlight of our Presentation Evenings is to see how our players have progressed and grown, and this was underpinned by being able to present Raj, who plays for our U18 Lions with not one, not two, but three awards in one night!

Raj is set to "retire" after this season, enjoying five years with Anchorians Football Club, and Lions Manager Les was honoured to be able to give Raj not only his five year award and 2021/22 trophy, but also the 'Spirit of Anchorians' to celebrate his dedication, hard work and loyalty to his team mates.

A huge thank you also has to go to Sturdee Avenue Tesco, who generously supplied the burgers, hot dogs and rolls for our evenings, showing that community spirit is very much still there!

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