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Harrison is a Rising Star

Anchorians FC was proud to see its Head Coach & Community Manager, James Harrison, recognised at this weeks Kent FA Workforce Awards for 2020.

James was awarded the Rising Star of Year for 2020, for all his hard work and commitment at our club over the past 5 years. James is at our club most days, undertaking various tasks and roles, from running our home-schooling & walking football sessions, supporting our young leaders, Wildcats & girls training sessions, alongside managing & training his own team. No task is too small for James, who embraces each task with the same vigor and smile on his face.

During this difficult time, James has taken it upon himself to ensure the club keeps engaged, creating the clubs weekly Home Skills Challenges for players/coaches to take part in, along with updating our social media channels and being co-host and co-creator of our club podcast, In Off The Post.

At 22 years old, Anchorians FC means everything to James, its his life in terms of wanting to improve the experience for anyone who dares to come through our gates. But its really his drive & ambition to continually keep coming up with ideas to develop the club and its members both on and off the field of play. This passion with a real sense of community at his heart, really makes James standout and he will be the cornerstone of our club for many years to come and ensure the foundations that have been laid over the past 10 years are still in place in 20-30 years’ time.

Ultimately we couldn't be prouder of James, you are a true inspiration for all our youth players and aspiring coaches, on what can be achieved.

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