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Mutual Respect Grant Winners!

Anchorians are delighted to be one of 50 grassroots football clubs awarded a £1000 grant from Nationwide's Mutual Respect Grant fund.

In August, Nationwide committed to donating £50,000 to their newly formed Mutual Respect Grants fund to help support grassroots football. Clubs and teams could apply for one of the grants by explaining why respect is important to their club to be in the chance with being awarded £1,000.

"This grant is hugely appreciated and will continue to help fund sessions for those who need it"

Anchorians Football Club work hard to ensure that all sessions and matches are safe, inclusive and dignified, with respect from Players, Coaches, Volunteers and Parents being an expectation, not a request.

Chairman, Leigh Willis, said that grant is hugely appreciated: "This will allow us to carry on the work we are doing in the community by delivering weekly sessions for those that just want to turn up and play without the commitment of being part of a team. We may also be able to look at expanding our offering to other under supported groups also, in time".

A huge Anchorians thanks goes to Nationwide for helping us continue to promote the beautiful game for all!

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